Service Offering

We have a wide array of Electrical, Mechanical and Asset Management services. We aid smooth business and property development operation with our automated security and electronic services. We also enable use of clean energy by easy connection and installation of renewable technologies thereby curbing environmental degradation.

Building Services and Electrical Reticulation

Design and installation of low voltage distribution boards for three phase power requirements which includes the sizing of bus bars and the correct selection of equipment based on fault level calculations.
Design and installation of lighting systems including the calculation of lux level and glare angles.
Design and installation of cable networks; calculation of load levels; voltage drops and diversity factors including correct selection and sizing of cables to meet particular applications and fault levels.
Installation and selection of automatic mains failure power generating power plant.

Energy Audits and Management

We analyse which operations/processes consume extensive amounts of energy in each building and thereafter plan measures by which individual building can conserve energy used in their high-energy using operations/processes. We prepare and implement a systematic approach for controlling a building’s energy utilization so as to reduce energy waste to the minimum without adversely affecting the building’s functional requirements.

Asset Management

We develop maintenance programs that optimize the life-cycles of equipment and minimize risks while also increasing energy efficiency. This results in overall extension of the asset life and smoother business operations. We offer fast, reliable mechanical and electrical services and repairs for commercial, industrial and hospitality and mining needs.We employ only experienced, licensed and insured professionals to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Mechanical Engineering

We are committed to provision of quality services that are economically and technically viable which-above all else-are to the satisfaction of our Clients. Our main strengths are in the following areas:
Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems design and management
Solar water heating and pumping systems
Fire protection (automatic sprinkler systems, fire hose reels and fire engineering services)

Consultancy Services

We offer professional consultancy services on electrical, mechanical and asset management projects. Our experienced Engineers continually break the ceiling to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions to the problems that plague the industry. We work with property developers and contractors to define the best possible alternatives with regard to energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality without compromising safety of the end use

Power System Studies

Our philosophy is that better planning and system administration minimizes failure and system instability. For this reason, we provide comprehensive analysis of electrical power distribution networks, protection and load flow studies after which we issue detailed and insightful results to resolving the power problems.
Master planning
Electrical protection studies
Power quality investigations

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